Université de Strasbourg, France 

L'Université de Strasbourg , c'est près de cinq siècles d'histoire, des noms illustres, un patrimoine riche, une situation européenne. L'université c'est aussi plus de 43 000 étudiants accueillis chaque année dont 20% d'étudiants étrangers, 4600 enseignants chercheurs et personnels, 38 unités de formations et recherches, 79 unités de recherche. Des chiffres imposants qui font de l'université un espace riche et multiple que ce soit dans l'offre de formation pluridisciplinaire et la recherche comme dans l'offre culturelle et patrimoniale. Une université comme cadre de vie.


Université de Koblenz-Landau, Allemagne

The University of Koblenz · Landau is one of the youngest universities in Germany and has grown considerably in its relatively short history. Since its transformation from a teacher training college in 1990, numerous new departments and institutes have sprung up. In addition, a wide range of new degree programs and chairs have been created, and existing courses and research consistently expanded. At the eight existing faculties on the two campuses in Koblenz and Landau, you can currently study Education, Arts and Humanities, Social Sciences, Sciences, Computer Science (Koblenz) and Psychology (Landau). Since 1990 the number of students has increased dramatically to about 15.000 enrolled students, with approximately 7.500 at each campus.


Athens University of Economics and Business, Grèce

 Athens University of Economics and Business (AUEB), formerly the Athens School of Economics and Business, is the oldest educational institution in Greece in the fields of Economics and Business Administration, at both the undergraduate and the postgraduate levels. In more recent years, the fields of Informatics and Statistics have also been added, with great success.
With eight Undergraduate Departments that are ranked in the highest positions among the preferences of prospective students, with thirty-two exceptionally popular (full and part-time) Postgraduate Programmes and with its Doctoral Programmes, AUEB is the top university in Greece, and one of the best universities internationally in the fields of science that it covers. The University's good reputation reflects the high caliber of its academic staff, the high quality of its research and teaching, the up-to-date curricula it offers, as well as the distinctions achieved by its students and its graduates. Through the internal and external evaluation processes that have been successfully implemented in recent years, we strive for continual improvement.


Institute of Advanced Studies, Vienne

The Institute for Advanced Studies is an independent, non-profit research Institute covering the areas of Economics, Political Science, and Sociology. Since its inception in 1963 the IHS has been, and continues to be, committed to the highest quality standards of research and postgraduate education.
The Institute strives for top performance internationally in the following areas:
Theoretical and empirical cutting-edge research with socio-political and economic policy relevance;
Development and advancement of human resources through internationally renowned training programs and personnel training;
Scientific policy advice based on rigorous empirical and theoretical foundations in Economics, Political Science, and Sociology;
Informing the public about fundamental economic and social problems and policy choices.


Limburg Institute for Business and Economic-Resaerch, Maastricht, Pays Bas.

The Limburg Institute of Financial Economics (LIFE) is a research group in financial economics affiliated to Maastricht University, the Netherlands. The Faculty of the Institute are also associated to the Department of Finance, the Monetary Economics Department or the Econometrics Department of Maastricht University.
LIFE is affiliated to two research schools in economic and business studies. The first one, the Maastricht research school of Economics of Technology and Organizations (GSBE), is the coordinating organization for research in the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration. The second one, the 'Limburgs Instituut voor Bedrijfs- en Economische Research' (LIBER), coordinates the consulting activities in the Faculty.